Directory Part 1


Art Indexed by Catalog Number

CAT-001 to CAT-074

CAT-001 Hemisphere of Hair
CAT-002 Wounded Souls
CAT-003 # 000
CAT-004 The Perfect Artist is The Perfect Man
CAT-005 Merry-Go-Round is Spinning Out of Control
CAT-006 Birth of Venus
CAT-007 Tears Cascading Down the Doll’s Damaged Face
CAT-008 Bombastic
CAT-009 Rope
CAT-010 Blood Stones For Dying Swans
CAT-011 Violated
CAT-012 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
CAT-013 Rainstorms & Funerals
CAT-014 Evil
CAT-015 Chaplin’s Dream
CAT-016 Transparent Reflections
CAT-017 Temptation
CAT-018 Slate-Blue Sky is Denied
CAT-019 The Unicorn
CAT-020 My Grandmother’s Love Letters
CAT-021 Unicorns Dancing on Infinity
CAT-022 Angst is Evident
CAT-023 Catherine Wheel and the Guillotine
CAT-024 Echo of the Chimes
CAT-025 The Shooting Gallery and the Cemetery
CAT-026 Tenacious
CAT-027 Purple Roses From Rimbaud
CAT-028 Broken Glass that Glistens
CAT-029 Roman Fountains Seething With Animosity
CAT-030 Wounded Dove Has No Animosity
CAT-031 I Hear America Singing
CAT-032 The Chimney Sweeper
CAT-033 Doves Coalescing in Silence
CAT-034 Statues Bleeding in Fresh Fallen Snow
CAT-035 Shadow of the Wine’s Decline
CAT-036 William S. Burroughs
CAT-037 Diary of a Psycho
CAT-038 City of Ships
CAT-039 Drama Class
CAT-040 Fatima Tragedy
CAT-041 The Site of the Fire
CAT-042 Subliminal Panorama
CAT-043 The Death of Mythmaking
CAT-044 The Manor’s Garden
CAT-045 Dancing Butterflies
CAT-046 Exotic Perfume
CAT-047 Heartless Blasphemy
CAT-048 Your Soul is a Pretty Poison
CAT-049 Trees Are Laughing
CAT-050 The Bridges
CAT-051 The Wild Swans at Coole
CAT-052 Aprons of Silence
CAT-053 I Should Like to be Hanged on a Summer Afternoon
CAT-054 The Eyes of the Poor
CAT-055 Ruts
CAT-056 The Old Woman’s Despair
CAT-057 Stone Pillars Are Drenched with Wax Wine
CAT-058 Stigmata’s Intention
CAT-059 Descending
CAT-060 Kafka’s Last Hurrah
CAT-061 Balloons
CAT-062 Melancholy
CAT-063 Icicle is Mocking the Vine
CAT-064 Medusa’s Actions
CAT-065 Glori
CAT-066 Corpse Washing
CAT-067 Hollyhocks in Heaven
CAT-068 Multiple Personalities
CAT-069 Seducer is Calling
CAT-070 Lunatics in the Garden
CAT-071 Unguided Misfortune
CAT-072 Burned
CAT-073 Eye Candy
CAT-074 Carousels Colliding With Razorsharp Melancholy