Directory Part 2


Art Indexed by Catalog Number

CAT-075 to CAT-149

CAT-075 Post-Holiday Blues
CAT-076 Gates Are Receding
CAT-077 Life Is A Farce We All Must Lead
CAT-078 Bullets in the Fog
CAT-079 Insistence of the Light
CAT-080 Chalice is Full
CAT-081 Sunflowers and Silence
CAT-082 Flickering Owls Listening to the Night
CAT-083 Shock Treatment
CAT-084 Burning Gargoyles Whispering to the Silence
CAT-085 The Valley of Unrest
CAT-086 Tennyson Swims with the Sharks
CAT-087 Abyss is Near
CAT-088 Blue Skies Are Gone
CAT-089 Flowing Honey
CAT-090 To the Reader
CAT-091 Stigmata Corsages
CAT-092 Hidden Ice
CAT-093 Emaciated Clown
CAT-094 Angels Falling from Heaven
CAT-095 Black Roses for an Obfuscated Joker
CAT-096 White Plague
CAT-097 Dancing Elephant
CAT-098 Sanctified
CAT-099 Louis MacNeice
CAT-100 The Cloud Juggler
CAT-101 Shallow Mists Look Like Marble
CAT-102 Hypocrite
CAT-103 Bleeding Pinatas
CAT-104 Show is Over
CAT-105 Art with William Shakespeare Quote
CAT-106 Kaleidoscope
CAT-107 Enclosed
CAT-108 Enchanted Bliss
CAT-109 Virulent Strain of Angst
CAT-110 Lost Souls Swimming in Sin
CAT-111 The Cracked Bell
CAT-112 Sideshow
CAT-113 Dream of the White Doves
CAT-114 Lucid Mind of the Decaying Butterfly
CAT-115 Pompeii
CAT-116 School-Boy
CAT-117 I Should Like to be Hanged on a Summer Afternoon
CAT-118 Spanish Dancer
CAT-119 Broken-Faced Gargoyles
CAT-120 In Shadow
CAT-121 The Sayings of the Brook
CAT-122 Gargoyle’s Descent Into Wisdom
CAT-123 Swans Swimming in the Mist
CAT-124 Destiny of the Clock
CAT-125 Abyss Has Been Cancelled
CAT-126 Fake Doll Parts
CAT-127 Metamorphosis of the Burning Flesh
CAT-128 The Dancing Serpent
CAT-129 Aprons of Silence
CAT-130 Obligatory Sadness
CAT-131 Night Shift
CAT-132 Alacrity of the Sinner
CAT-133 Reality is a Joke
CAT-134 To the Ghost of John Milton
CAT-135 Pinwheel to Hell
CAT-136 Clouds Drifting Over Silence
CAT-137 Dancing Clowns on a Wave of Angst
CAT-138 The Roman Fountain
CAT-139 Indolence
CAT-140 Iridescent Lights From the Fragile Flutes
CAT-141 Trepidation of the Angels
CAT-142 White Plague II
CAT-143 Out-Stretched Arms of Medusa
CAT-144 Decaying Coliseum
CAT-145 Melancholy Abyss
CAT-146 The Tomb of Edgar Allen Poe
CAT-147 Handful of Beach Sand
CAT-148 Scar is Charred
CAT-149 Agitated Minds