Directory Part 3


Art Indexed by Catalog Number
CAT-150 to CAT-221
CAT-150 Rhapsody
CAT-151 The Guardian Angel
CAT-152 Angst From Within
CAT-153 Stigmata II
CAT-154 The Fountain of Blood
CAT-155 Raging Sea is Shell-Shocked
CAT-156 Charred Remains Filtering Through the Silk
CAT-157 Hemisphere of Hair
CAT-158 Medusa’s Rapture
CAT-159 The Valley of Unrest
CAT-160 Luscious Overkill
CAT-161 Circus Show Has Been Cancelled…
CAT-162 Spatial Relationship to Hydra
CAT-163 Petal
CAT-164 Pandora’s Box of Vexations
CAT-165 Edge of Insomnia
CAT-166 Stigmata Thieves
CAT-167 Innocuous Lullaby For a Three Ring Circus
CAT-168 Psychological Impact of Silence
CAT-169 Steel Faced Statues
CAT-170 Crash & Burn
CAT-171 Apparitions Have Ceased
CAT-172 Sagacious Angels Are Taciturn
CAT-173 Spanish Dancer
CAT-174 Indolent Calm is Listening to the Stone
CAT-175 The Strand
CAT-176 Passing Moment of Lucidity
CAT-177 On the Beach At Night Alone
CAT-178 The Carousel
CAT-179 The Moon and the Yew Tree
CAT-180 O Captain! My Captain!
CAT-181 Death of an Actress
CAT-182 Flowing Grape Vines from the Statue
CAT-183 Slightly Damaged
CAT-184 Aborted Retrospective
CAT-185 The Cathedral
CAT-186 The Wound-Dresser
CAT-187 All the Dead Dears
CAT-188 Hacienda Rose Garden
CAT-189 Delusional Thoughts
CAT-190 Flowers
CAT-191 Landscape with Two Graves and an Assyrian Dog
CAT-192 Art with Hart Crane Poem
CAT-193 Gypsy Mother
CAT-194 An Errant Epiphany
CAT-195 Stigmata
CAT-196 Verses for the Portrait of Honore Daumier
CAT-197 Dante and the Lobster Are Swimming in the Abyss
CAT-198 Halcyon Days
CAT-199 Water’s Decline
CAT-200 Pigs and Matches Burning Together
CAT-201 The Cathedral
CAT-202 Van Gogh’s Thought Process
CAT-203 Boo Radley’s Worst Nightmare
CAT-204 Sweaty Palms of Vertigo
CAT-205 Without Loss
CAT-206 Pale-Blue Balloons on a Hazy Afternoon
CAT-207 Breaking the Silence
CAT-208 Departure
CAT-209 Repentance
CAT-210 The Valley of Unrest
CAT-211 Flames for an Unfinished Symphony II
CAT-212 The Grave of Keats
CAT-213 Art with Walt Whitman Poem
CAT-220 Dying Daisies From the Grave of Proust
CAT-221 Magdalen Walks